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Personal Career Strategy Coaching,

Workshops and Support



EXCLER8.COM helps professionals help themselves throughout their careers. People are becoming "career entrepreneurs". 

Recent research indicates that the average person has 12-15 jobs in his or her lifetime - and that number is expected to grow to 20+ in the future.

What you have done in your life, where you want to go, and the challenges and opportunities you face are all unique to you. 

Over the years, our team has developed practical tools and approaches to help our clients take control of their careers, to plan and manage their own careers as they learn and grow, change direction, deal with setbacks, and celebrate victories.   

Our goal is to equip you and coach you as you take charge and manage your career like the career entrepreneur you are. 

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Our team loves to help clients succeed.  The work we do directly impacts individuals and their families as well as the teams they choose to work with. Based on our work together, families pay for homes, buy necessities like food and clothing, send their kids to school, take vacations, and live their best lives. 


In some cases our work helps people manage their climb up the corporate latter or reset after a career interruption. In other cases, we help a young man or woman change direction or find his or her first internship or first job out of school.

We are very proud of the careers we've helped our clients build:

A client in mid-career transition:

"After years in sales, my career was in transition. The team at EXCLER8.COM helped me recast my resume for the specific role I was targeting after my first unsuccessful attempts. Based on direct feedback, actionable suggestions, and discussions on my strategy, I landed the business development role at the global computer hardware/services company I had been targeting. I could not  be happier with the specific and effective insights, coaching, and results of our work together. This was truly a game changer."


A client looking for a "first job" and evaluating an internal change within the first year:

"Dave has helped me through several career changes throughout my life already. We started by discussing my previous employment and internships; what skills, and experiences I learned during my time with the various positions. My sessions with Dave were akin to that of a therapy session; he was able to pinpoint experiences and help me reevaluate them towards the specific job that I was applying for, in a way I hadn’t previously thought of. From there, Dave helped me flesh out my resume, to ensure that every line on it had a purpose and intent to increase my chances of having an interview for the specific role. Without his help, I don’t think I would be where I am today."

A client working to launch his career in the US based on his career abroad:

"EXCLER8.COM gave me the career I dreamed of having after just one resume clean up session. After moving to America from Serbia I found myself applying for jobs that I was well over qualified for with no results. After contacting EXCLER8.COM I was able to bring my resume to the next level. Translation of degrees and careers over seas can be difficult for big companies to understand when they are sorting through tons of applications. With online applications at the height of the hiring industry I found myself getting generic automated responses from companies which insured me they weren’t reading through my entire application. Dave took the time to personally get to know me & what areas of expertise I really had to offer. After re-submitting my up-dated resume not only was I hired with-in one week during the Covid pandemic but I landed the job I wanted. I can honestly say Dave helped me to live the real “American Dream”. Thank you EXCLER8.COM"

Take Charge


Take charge of your career and become the "Career Entrepreneur" you want to be

Individual Collaboration Sessions

Our Individual Collaboration options are 1:1 sessions that are designed to help you create the strategy, build the tools, and plan specific approaches to milestones along the way. 

These sessions leverage proven tools and outlines and give you the coaching and assistance you need.  

Follow the link below for more information and to book the sessions you need. 

Interactive Workshops

Our Interactive Workshops are small group sessions that are designed to give you context of the overall job search and recruiting process, share perspective and support you along the way. 

Like the individual sessions, these workshops leverage proven tools and outlines and give you the perspective and support you need to plan and execute your search.  

Follow the link below for more information and to book the workshops you need. 

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